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Enclosed Cricket Nets

10m enclosed cricket net FREE Australia Wide Shipping for these Items.(Remote areas excluded)

These cricket nets are ideal for use with bowling machines or for doing throw downs. The net is fully enclosed except for the opening the balls are fed through keeping the balls contained during practice. It is recommended that your bowling machine be mounted outside the net providing protection to the feeder. 

Over the cold and wet winter months this cricket net can be easily erected indoors. Minimum space required is approximately 12m long x 4 m wide (depends on ball used as harder balls may need larger clearances). When using a ten meter net this measurement allows space for a bowling machine.

After initial set up, when not being used it can be easily moved in a couple of minutes to one end of your premises. Allowing the space to again be utilised for other activities. Setting it back up again takes a few minutes.

This Ultra Sports Cricket Net System is very flexible in configuration. Five meter sections can be added at any time if you find that you need a longer net.

Have you already got a Starter Net? Buy another to create a 10m enclosure!  

Enclosed cricket nets come in 3 sizes- 10m, 15m and 20m.

Watch the enclosed net in action, click below.

 10m enclosed packed

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20m x 3m x 3m Batting Cage
20m x 3m x 3m Batting Cage (Out of Stock)
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10m Enclosed Net
10m Enclosed Net (Out of Stock)
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15m Enclosed Net
15m Enclosed Net (Out of Stock)
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20m Enclosed Net
20m Enclosed Net (Out of Stock)
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