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Bola 28 Ball Auto Feeder Professional

Bola 28 Ball Auto Feeder (Professional)

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The 2018 BOLA Automatic Ball Feeder accessory has a modified bracket to make it more robust and allow it to be used when the bowling machine is set up for spin. The new Feeder provides an exceptionally reliable and accurately timed feed. The new bracket is a one-piece fabrication which is simpler to fit and use. It can be attached in less than 2 minutes and feeds a ball into the machine every 7 or 11 seconds (as selected). Optional remote control on/off switch allows interruption of the sequence when required. An ultra bright LED indicator and a beeper warn of the release of a ball. The ball feeder offers a unique solo batting practice facility or the option to coach from any position.

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Price: $895.00
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